Most Advanced
Payroll Management Software

Easy to use, affordable & comprehensive cloud-based payroll management software for your Payroll needs. It solves all your payroll related problems with just a click.

Choose our multi-features software
& be in control of all the related payroll activities

With our software be in control of all the payroll activities and functions of your industry with a click of a mouse. It is one of the most advanced software integrating all the functions related to HR and payroll bundled into one.

Easy to use

Our payroll management system is easy to use with all the needed features being integrated init which will save your time and manpower.

Complete payroll processing

All payroll functions starting from monthly salary to full and final settlement can be managed and processed.

Configurable with major OS

Our payroll system runs smoothly on all the major OS available like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux etc. for standalone PC and networks.

Scale of employees

Whatever be the number of employees in your company 20 to 2000, our software is capable to handle payroll process without any problem. From mini to large scale multi located industries.

Complete HR data of each employee

Have data of all the employees’ at your fingertips likepersonal information, date of joining, salary structure, current position & department.In short, complete employee’s profile at a centralized location.

Forget spreadsheet start clicking mouse

Say goodbye to all your spreadsheets and HR department toiling over hours and hours for getting required details of the employee or a department. All functions can be accessed by the click of the mouse. Navigate through all the details at an individual or department level spread across multiple locations.

Reports generation

Our software helps you to generate the reports based on multiple parameterslike reconciliation reports, ad-hoc and user defined reports, salary register, payroll statements, wage register etc. with ease and quickly.

Our support available 24 x 7

Our support team is ready to help you out in case you face any problems day in and day out 24 x 7 where ever you are located.

Saisun payroll is more than just payroll software

It is bundled with powerful features that save your time, energy, manpower and money. We constantly build tools to make things more user-friendly. It is real one stop solution to all your payroll problems.

Most Advanced
Payroll Management

Bulk data management

Easily manage your payroll data by uploading it at one go. You can export/import data from/tothe organized spreadsheet with our software.

Payroll inputs and payslips

Generate automated pay-slips by payroll inputs & customize your pay-slip with company logo, name employee name, ID number, department, designation etc.

Employee attendance and analytics

Our analytical tools will provide you with insights of each employee attendance and time pattern in real time.

Configure salary structure

Configure salary structure for different ranges of employee and each employee will automatically be assigned a range based on his salary. The structure can be edited if needed.